The Village


White House VillaWhite House VillaThe VillageThe village of Kipilovo is located in South-East Bulgaria and it is part of Kotel Municipality, Sliven District. The picturesque towns of Elena and  Kotel are nearby. Kipilovo is a working rural village (around 600 people) nestling in the mountains of the Stara Planina. There are traditional old houses and houses from the 20s and 30s some ripe for renovation and buyers, as younger generations have left for the city. Cows and goats pass down the road in front of the White house in the heart of the village with their bells clanking and horse drawn carts are not uncommon. Small village shops provide all essentials and will order in anything you require if you don't fancy a drive. This is a great place to stay while exploring and the village will really welcome you. Most villagers have small holdings (little farms) and are always willing to provide at low cost the freshest of eggs, milk and home grown produce.


The village is surrounded by lush countryside and forest perfect for walks, exploring, painting, fishing, film, photography, reading and riding.


Near to the White House you will find:

  • Next Door is the local guest house serving food and drinks if you don't feel like cooking or wish to invite friends for a few nights
  • Round the corner a local shop selling food stuffs and domestic items
  • 5 minutes walk from the house is Nellie's shop selling similar items
  • There are more small shops and little bars in the village plus a post office, square, Mayor's offices and streets to wander and wonder at the ducks, geese, chickens, goats, donkeys and more.

At the bottom of the street a bus runs twice daily to Sliven, the nearest big town about 50 km away.